H&S/SC Elections Meeting

Want to get involved and volunteer to help out on Withrow’s Home & School Council (H&S/ SC)? An election package for the SC will be distributed to parents today via the school messenger. Join the H&S/SC meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, Nov. 4 from 7- 8:30pm, where SC members will be elected and executive rolls and committee chairs for both H&S/ SC will be filled. Any parent or caregiver attending a meeting is part of the H&S Association, can volunteer for any position and can vote on motions put forth by and for H&S at meetings. However, a person must be a Council member to have a vote in motions put forward by and pertaining to SC and volunteer for executive positions on the council. It is the H&S/ SC’s responsibility to ensure that the community’s views are fairly represented. 

Positions that are vacant on the Home & School arm of our organization this year will be a Co-chair and potentially a Secretary (should more than one person be available to fill the roll for H&S/SC). Council will be electing their Co-chairs, Secretary and Treasurer. Parents can fill roles for both H&S and SC simultaneously (including as a chair) as they share a common goal, operations, meetings and an executive. It should be noted that some roles would be fine chaired by one parent and others are nice with a small team of two or even three. There is a place for you! Visit the withrowhands website to discover where you might like to contribute.

Have you got initiatives and changes you would like to see happening at the school? Interested in volunteering in any capacity? Email us at withrowhands@gmail.com. All voices should be heard so that we can have a strong, diverse and supportive community.

*There was a bit of confusion about whether or not there was a meeting this evening as per a communication that went out at the beginning of the school year. There will not be a monthly meeting held tonight, but please look out for meeting announcements and links to join in the future.

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