Back-at-School – Withrow, Quest and Parents Q&A meeting, Sept 23, 7:00pm

Meeting purpose: A community meeting to address parent questions and school administration updates related to back-at-school, now that we are all a week into the return to classes.
Meeting urlUse this link to automatically join the meeting at the 7pm start time. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • Opening remarks (5 min)quick intros of current parent volunteers in exec roles in the three groups (H&S, SC, Quest)
  • Principal’s update from the first week of school (10 min.)
    • In-person learning: what is working, what needs improvement, what is next?
  • Parent questions (45 min)
    • In-person learning questions
    • How parents can best help at this time
  • Other business:
    • Parent volunteer groups at Withrow: an official merger of the Council and H&S, elections and our volunteering process. (Withrow Council and Home & School elections to be held at a meeting in October.)

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