Silent Auction Raffle Winners

Thanks to all who supported our latest fundraiser by attending, buying raffle tickets, purchasing auction items or volunteering their time and talents!! We appreciate it all!

If you weren’t at the event – or didn’t stay until the end – please check the list below to see if you’re one of the lucky raffle winners! (Where possible, we omitted last names for privacy. If you’re unsure if you won something, please check your email; we will send out a list that includes full names.)

Class Canvases

(available for pick-up in the library)

101 – Johnna/Gaspar: Nini J.

102 – Ardill/Courtney: David S.

112 – Costa/Sharma: Ryan G.

113 – Hofer/Roper/ Mitchell: Dana F.

114 – Bolduc/ Aspasia: Alejandra L.

116 – Kingstone: Laura P.

218 – Mandel: Aline N.

219 – Rashid: Florence H.

220 – Brollo: David S.

221 – Steve: Erin P.

222 – Anamali: Katherine M.

223 – Wong: Jean C.

224 – Denis: Ina M.

226 – Nickels: Kristin G.

227 – Lukusa: K Harberger

228 – Roberts: Jean C.

229 – Claire: Patrice L.

230 – Ferguson: Hugo T.

336 – Noiles: Eleni K.

337 – Mars: Adrienne L.

338 – Wu: Patrice L.

340 – Christophe: Eleanor C.

341 – McAllister: Angelina S.

342 – Cronin: Anita G.

343 – Sebestyen: Alexis G.

Teacher Experiences

(please contact the teacher to arrange)

Lunch with Mr. Parravano: Kirk P.

High Tea with Dolora Harvey: Charlotte W.

Movie and Popcorn with Mme Nickels: E. Knudsen

The Joy of Painting with Mr. Roberts: Erin W.

Treats for 2 at the Rooster with M Steve: Courtney S.

1 hour in the gym with Mr. Tarvit and Mr. Mars: Linda B.

Karaoke Party with Ms. Anastassiadis, M. Christophe and Mme. Mundell: Hallie S.

Front Row Seats to Grade 6 Grad: Sara J.

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