Spring Home and School Newsletter 2018

Home and School Meeting

TONIGHT!! Wednesday, April 4 at 6:30pm 

Topic: the Staffing Model

Staff Lunch

Unique to the Withrow PS community, comes a new date for an old ritual. In the beginning of the school year we proposed and accepted holding the event April 13th, 2018 instead of during the heat of June,  which is one of the busiest times of the year. So, sign up via the link below, put on your chefs hat and pull out your favourite recipes. It’s a meal like no other, a pot luck that I would love to attend and not serve.  Please help make this year as wonderful as years past. It truly is a wonderful way to say thank you to all our teachers and administrative staff of Withrow PS and they LOVE IT!


Silent Auction

We are an incredible community of dedicated parents who love our school and our kids – and our Silent Auction reaffirmed that in all of our minds. What a fantastic evening, and kudos to the Silent Auction committee for pulling off an incredible night – once again! From a primary school gym, elbow grease and excellent organization came stellar cocktails, beautiful artwork, fantastic donations and a super fun time.

Lost and Found

Yet again, we have a thrift store worth of items in the lobby of Withrow school.  Please come and take a look on or before April 10th. After that, it’s actually empty for just days, really.  

Fun Fair

Now we are looking ahead to Fun Fair on Saturday, May 26th. This will be the event to close out the school year, basking in sunshine, eating samosas, driving mini cars and jumping on bouncy castles – not to mention a star–studded talent show featuring our own magnificent Withrow students. It is a guaranteed amazing day – slime and candy for the kids, pulled pork and ticket booths for the parents.

If you have considered volunteering, we are still looking for parents to fill some coveted roles, like helping with sponsorship or organizing the volunteers for the day. We have other openings – contact us, and we’d love to have you on board (wine and cheese at meetings!).  Our next meeting will be held on April 11th. If you would like to join, please get in touch with us at withrowhands@gmail.com


Please, please, please stop parking/pulling over on the wrong side of both Withrow and Bain during pick up and drop off.  We all understand the quick pull-over and jump out, but discussions and waiting are really not what should be done. Many times we even see people pulling over and waiting while there are actually legal spots open directly beside them.  If you can’t find a spot close by, drive a little further and get some exercise on the way back.

Final Home and School Meeting

Last year’s budget decisions were made via an on-line survey that produced significantly greater input than ever before, After such resounding success we will be following the same process. Over the next month we will be sending out a request for a proposal to allocate our funds.  For example, many parents have mentioned buying a scoreboard for our team events. We have come a long way, with monies raised over the past few years allocated towards the schoolyard improvements. Now that those projects have been paid for we will have to set new goals. If you have an idea, take a moment and fill out the proposal form coming your way soon!  Our meeting date originally set for May 3rd will need to be pushed later into May, since the delayed staffing model meeting is now being held on April 4.


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