Job Action / School Closure – Jan. 20

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Schools are closed to students next Monday unless the government starts negotiating a fair deal for education workers. Teachers will be picketing in the vicinity of the school so please feel free to show your support on what will be a chilly day!

Child care centres at schools will be permitted to stay open but you need to contact your child care provider if you have a current spot at WCC. 

Here is our handy dandy Withrow Child Care Sharing List – it is an editable document so if you can offer some supervision to other families feel free to add your name and preferred method of contact. There is a tab for “Babysitters” where you can contact a local student for child minding. Please note that high schools are open as TDSB high school job action takes place on Tuesday, January 21st, so you can only contact babysitters in Grades 6-8.

The government announced reimbursement for child care expenses during walkout days for elementary aged children, or for children under 6 who cannot attend a child care on a school site if it is closed. You can apply here –

Please see the ETFO media release for details on why the job action has escalated to a full walk out. 

For resources on how you can support your teachers, or sign the petition to the government to express your support to our education workers, see this site from the Ontario Parent Action Network.

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