How to receive email updates… take 2

Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 17.08.06Yay for the parents and caregivers: nailed it! 

Maybe our kids deserve some kudos – especially the new-to-school ones but, let’s face it, adults are the ones on the receiving end of tired meltdowns these past few days. 

We have heard that the instructions for getting signed up for our website email list were about as clear as mud, so we’ll try again. It will be blamed entirely on first week and school prep and life and not enough hours or cups of coffee in a day.

Instructions for following our website posts… here goes!

From a mobile device:

  1. Open up on your phone
  2. Do a little thumb scroll up and down to activate the site
  3. You should notice a “follow” sign on the bottom of your screen

  4. Then you need to enter your email and press the blue button, and this will generate a confirmation email to your address
  5. You will then receive an email every time we make a website posting – woot!

From a desktop:

  1. Look for the picture below on the right hand side and it’s the last item in the right column – enter your email and click the “Follow” button
    Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 16.44.54

Again, apologies. If you’re still having difficulties send an email to and we’ll know how clear this instructional sheet is 🙂

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