A few notes as we start this year…

Website communication 

We will be using the website (www.withrowhands.com) as the primary source of communication this year.  You can sign up to receive notifications when new posts happen.  

To turn on notifications so that you can get emails with every new web post. Please see details on the bottom right of the home page of the website

Get Involved

We always need volunteers! 

Welcome Back Picnic – THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th, 5:30-7pm

  • We need volunteers for table set up, drink and food distribution, food ordering, and clean up
  • SIGN UP NOW! using our online sign up tool

H&S Executive

  • positions that are vacant this year are Co-Chair and Secretary. We are also looking for help with our social media and website. We have not had after school programs for a while and we would love for a couple of people to resurrect this.
  • Send us an email at withrowhands@gmail.com if you are interested. If we have many volunteers we can have an election during the first H&S meeting

Movie Nights

  • We are keeping the new tradition of movie nights and are hoping to add a few more this year. We are looking for people to help run them – even if you can only sign up for one that would be great!

Silent Auction & Fun Fair

  • It takes a village to run both of our major activities each year. The Silent Auction is looking for 2 co-chairs plus committee members, and the Fun Fair is looking for committee members. Both events require help on the day of as well.

Data Permissions

We value your privacy. If you want us to be able to know your email, know what class your child is in, etc. we need your permission to do so. A Google Form will be posted soon should you choose to permit us to contact you. 

Google Calendar

It’s linked to the website, but if you want to add the H&S calendar to your calendars that you have, just download via the public link. That way you will be able to see when H&S events are happening, like pizza lunches, movie nights, PA days, silent auction, and fun fair.

Withrow Wear

You can purchase Withrow wear for children and adults alike! Withrow 

is not a uniform school so all of this clothing is optional. If your child is going to be 

participating in extracurricular sports a red Withrow t-shirt is recommended.

Contact Us

Email: withrowhands@gmail.com




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