Fun Fair Announcement

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One. More. Sleep!

Hey Withrow Parents –

Repeat after me:

It is not going to rain tomorrow.

It is not going to rain tomorrow.

It is not going to rain tomorrow.

Let’s get real: They have been really wrong about the weather this spring. Says thundershowers? Bright sunshine! Says sunny and hot? Freezing and parkas!!!

So we know tomorrow the rain is going to hold off. 

What we also know is we have rainy day plans. If it pours some bouncy castles will move inside. Talent show will be inside. And we have other things up our sleeves so people can eat, drink, and be merry and dry!

Here’s what you can still do to show your love and support:

– buy your wristbands here.

– bake!!! We need cakes for musical cakes and baked goods. 

– show up.

You know what they say in life: you gotta show up.

So show up. For Withrow. For your kids.

See you tomorrow.

It is going to be fantastic!!!!


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