Withrow Silent Auction Raffle Winners

Silent Auction at 7:45pm
Silent Auction at 9pm


Thank you all for making this year’s Silent Auction the most successful one to date! Thank you for the donations, thank you for the basket donations and thank you for coming and bidding.

Below are the remaining unclaimed canvas and teacher experience winners. You can pick these up and any unclaimed bids Tuesday morning at drop off (8:30–9:30am) or pick up (3:15–4pm). Last chance to collect items will be 6:30–7pm Thursday (and please stay for the H&S meeting afterwards!). For any unclaimed paintings after Thursday, we will be re-drawing on Friday. For the teacher experiences, please email withrowauction@gmail.com

Room # Grade Teacher Raffle no.
219 1-2 E Rashid, Aleya 3809996
222 2 -F Nadia Sciortino 2308982
340 4-F Nickels, Ashley 2309097
341 4 – F McAllister, Caitlin 2308823
338 4-5 E Bella Wu 2309060
343 5-6 F Sebestyen, Katie 2308693
Daycare Daycare Twyla 3810072
Steve Massa Roosters & Game 2308785
Ms Courtney Science Centre 2308632

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