Why do we love pizza lunch?

Parents love it because it means a day off from making and packing lunches (and unpacking and throwing out uneaten ones…). Kids love them because, well, duh! It’s pizza!
Unfortunately, pizza lunches have always been handled by teachers but the job actions dictate that all teacher-involvement in fundraising be suspended for the duration of the dispute.
Which brings us to the third reason we love pizza lunches. The school makes some money on the pizza lunches. Not a lot, but enough to cover the cost for field trips for families who could otherwise not afford to send their kids. It also covers the DJ and t-shirts for the graduation party and some of the cost for sporting events.
So, as the labour dispute runs its course, the H&S is working with the school administration of ways to keep the pizza moving. This week we’ll gather a few volunteers to help out and we’re hoping to work with the grade 6’s to get them to take a leading role, should the job actions continue. We hope they’ won’t, but in the meantime we’re happy to work together to make the disruptions as minimal as possible.
Thank you!

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