Community News: Events from Friends of Withrow Park

We would like to inform you that Friends of Withrow Park are holding two events:

Pan Am Torch Planning: Meeting Wed., April 15th
The Pan Am Torch will make a stop at Withrow Park on July 5th! We are organizing an event to celebrate Pan Am at Withrow Park. Have ideas? Want to be part of the fun? Join us at our planning meeting on Wednesday, April 15th at 7pm at Frankland Community Centre.

Bain Parkette Clean up: Sat., April 18th
Friends help friends. This year the Friends of Withrow Park will lend a hand to our friends at the Bain Parkette (located on Bain between Carlaw and Logan) for the City Clean Up Day. Join us on Saturday, April 18th at 10 am at the Bain Parkette to clean up and spruce up the garden.

Why are we cleaning up at the Bain Parkette? We have had great park custodians at Withrow Park who traditionally leave us with little to do for a park clean up. Cleaning our neighbouring parkette gives us an opportunity to honour the memory of a park friend, Erica Stark, who participated in Friends of Withrow Park and cared for the Bain Parkette.

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